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Pay any bill or merchant with Web3 assets

Sync with your accounting software, send invoices and bills directly to your Pay inbox, or just upload a photo. Then add your payment delivery details and we’ll send a check or bank transfer. Your payee doesn’t even need an AlterPay account! Pick from Crypto, bank transfer or card as payment methods. It's really that simple!

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It has never been easier to manage your bills

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"If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments."

Earl Wilson
Entrepreneur & Baseball Pitcher

Add bill or invoice details

Upload a photo or file of an invoice, or send invoices directly to your Pay inbox. AlterPay's ORC AI will accurately capture the invoice data.


Select payment method

Pay via Crypto such as USDT, a bank transfer, or card, even where Crypto and cards aren’t accepted.


Choose payment delivery

We’ll send a check or bank transfer. Your payee doesn’t need a AlterPay account to get paid.

Wire Transfer Bills to any US Bank
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Next-gen banking
Pay anything with Crypto

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Rent / Mortgage

Optimise your tax efficiency when living in a company apartment owned by an offshore organisation. We make US housing payments from crypto easy.

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Invoices / Contractors

Pay your AWS bill, Credit Card or any other bill with AlterPay! Pay in Crypto and settle the bill by US bank transfer or check.

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If you see it online, why not pay for it with Crypto? Amazon, Netflix, Apple Store and so on, you can now pay all merchants invoices with AlterPay.

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Car Payments / Rental

Wether you're travelling, a business or commuting. Paying rentals, financing or the whole Car balance with crypto is convenient and even has potential tax advantages.

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Bills, Utilities, Services

Annoyingly, lot of energy suppliers will not let you pay with Visa, but AlterPay lets you pay directly with Crypto so you can keep your business' and home's lights on!

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Tuition Fees

America has some of the best schools and universities in the world. If you're an international student and need to pay your USD tuition before you arrive, AlterPay is the perfect solution!

Pay any bill with Crypto from as little as $1

Who can benefit from AlterPay

Perfect for everyday use to enterprise transactions

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Access over 7,000 vendors in AlterPay's network - a list of companies like AT&T, Capital One, Amex and more - to pay your bills on time, every time, in a click.

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-Simple as paying a credit card off
- Utilities
- Online shopping

Startups / SME

-Compliance and accountancy management
- Utilities and rent
- Debt payments


-Insurance and risk management
-Tax planning and compliance
-Capital allocations and investments


The next-gen banking experience

Compliant - Fully licensed, legal and regulated
Convenient - Pay for anything
Low Fees - Cheap to use at any scale
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Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients say

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“Simply the best”

“Finally, a simple electronic payment method to streamline bill pay. We're one step closer to getting rid of checks all together! The AlterPay dashboard takes convenience to the next level.”

David Stephen
COO SeekTiger
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“One of a kind app”

“AlterPay helps my company be more successful. Plain and simple. It’s been a money saver and it’s been a time saver. AlterPay, for me, is a company that is very much synergistic with how Arc Finance does business.”

James Filbird
CEO Arc Finance
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“A game changer for us”

"AlterPay gives you many options to have a good look at cash flow because you’re seeing what’s going out and what’s coming in and you get immediate feedback when a bill is paid"

Warren Burke

Start taking control of your investments today!